Apr · 13 · 2009

If you’re not in to the early blues or rock you probably won’t care much for this gem.

This movie is the story of Chess Records in Chicago.  Never heard of it?  This small label began in the 1940’s as Aristocrat Records and a few years later was rechristened Chess records when brothers Leonard and Phil Chess bought it in the early 1950’s.  This became the home of such greats as Muddy Waters, Chuck Berry, Etta James, and more.  Perhaps the only well known actor in this is Beyoncé Knowles who plays Etta Jones.  I don’t personally know a lot about Chess Records so I can’t attest to the accuracy of the story.  I will say this is a very good movie and enjoyable to watch.  It’s NOT for children with rough language throughout.  The directing and sets are very good.  You can feel the emotions portrayed and this movie, even while telling the good times, displays the very sad and painful lives of these greats who played the blues.

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