May · 03 · 2009

Wow, Angelina Jolie can really act!

This film is set in 1928 Los Angeles and is a true story.  Christine Collins , a working class, single mother, suddenly finds her 9 year old son missing when she returns home from work.  After more than 6 months the LAPD find the by in Illinois and return him to her.  Or did they?  Any more information that this would ruin this movie.

Angelina Jolie plays Christine Collins in this Clint Eastwood directed movie.  She does an amazing job.  She needs a new manager who will start getting her roles that suit her talent instead of the action adventure bimbo roles.  For me Clint Eastwood movies are hit and miss, but that could be simply that many of them don't interest me.  This is a winner as the attention to detail in taking you back to 1928 is remarkable.  John Malkovich plays the Rev. Gustav A. Briegleb who befriends Ms. Collins and takes up her battle with her.

Don't go by the snippet on the DVD cover, just get this one.  It's a very good movie that is both gripping and disturbing.

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