Aug · 15 · 2009

This is the latest offering featuring Harrison Ford, and also starring Ray Liotta and Ashley Judd.  It’s a somehat disturbing film and not merely because of the few violent and sex scenes.

Films like this remind me I live a pretty sheltered and naive existence.  The focus in on one immigration officer (Ford) and a husband and wife (Liotta and Judd) who work in other and different areas of immigration, and several different families/people of differing backgrounds.  What is disturbing is the lengths people will go to in order to get what they want.  Bribery, murder, sex/adultry.  Nothing is out of bounds, and in the end few really win, which actually is a reflection of real life isn’t it?  Most end up losing what they had including their chance at becoming a citizen of the US, and some lose their lives.  Additionally, watching a depiction of people getting their brains blown out, or graphically in the heat of sex, round out this movie with images that really don’t add a thing to it other than leaving you with an even more upsetting feeling than the story alone provides.  It’s seedy.

This is NOT a film for children, and not for many adults either.  If you’ve been a little over-the-top happy lately, this movie will absolutely bring balance to your life.

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