Aug · 22 · 2009

This is a 2007 film that I somehow missed after it came out.  It’s about a guy that can see into the future.

2 minutes into the future.  But only his future.  Nicolas Cage plays Cris Johnson, the man in question.  He hides his ability behind a “career” as a cheesy Vegas magician where he uses his talent after hours to make a decent living gambling.  Until the Feds (of which Julianne Moore is the main character) discover what he can do and decide he can help them find out when, where, who, is bringing a nuclear weapon into the states.  Along the way he meets and falls in love with a woman he sees well beyond his normal 2 minute limit (played by Jessica Biel).  Throughout the movie he learns how to stretch his 2 minute limit to 2 hours.  It’s an interesting look at what could be done with this ability.  I enjoyed the story and character development.  The CG effects were sadly less than convincing in most scenes but that doesn’t detract too much.  If you haven’t, it’s worth a see.

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