Jun · 23 · 2009

Here is a WWII movie with a very different story to be told than the one we typically get.

Based entirely on fact, Defiance tells the story of 4 Jewish brothers, forced out of their homes by the Nazis and gathering in the woods where they played as children.  Purely by chance they become involuntary leaders of a growing community of displaced Jews who assume roles within the community, build homes, and become part of a growing underground resistance to Nazi control.  We have always heard about the millions of Jews who were slaughtered but rarely if ever do stories such as this come to light.

The most recognizable star in this film is Daniel Craig of the James Bond fame.  The acting, dirceting, and cinematography are excellent.  You are transported back to this very difficult era.  Special features on the DVD I rented include interviews with actual survivors and the descendants of these 4 men.  Watch this one!

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