Jun · 22 · 2009

After discovering last year that the movie Nixon was very good, I was anxious to see this one as well.

Frost-Nixon is a recreation of the cat and mouse game the former President was playing with the famed talk show host.  It was a contest of sorts to see who could out wit the other and for the majority of the interviews Nixon, the consummate wrangler of words, had Frost at a severe disadvantage.  This film depicts perhaps one small period of time that sealed the moniker “Tricky Dick” for the former President, and also sealed his political career.

I didn’t realize Ron Howard directed this movie.  I really like his work.  And he compiled a very good cast for this movie as well and the acting was everything I had expected.  Clearly, a great deal of effort was placed on recreating the set for these interviews, in addition to the clothing and other details.  However, something seemed to be lacking and I really can’t say what it is.  The story line is good.  The research performed to make this film an accurate portrayal seems complete.  The verbal and mental posturing displayed between the two main characters is amusing.  But something is missing that would make this a fantastic movie.

It’s worth a watch if for no other reason than to gain a historical insider perspective.  But don’t expect to be blown away.

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