Apr · 15 · 2008

I am a huge fan of period/historical films anyway…

but I really enjoyed both of these movies quite a bit.

I actually watched the second movie, Elizabeth: The Golden Age, first, seeing it in the rental store and not realizing it was a sequel.  A very good movie depicting a more seasoned Elizabeth well in to her reign.  While watching the extra features it was then I realized this was the second movie.  Oddly enough the very next day the first movie came on cable and knew at once I had to watch it also.  The first movie, titled simply Elizabeth, showed a very young woman when she first ascends to the throne and the difficulies she faced in the process.

Cate Blanchett does such an amazing job in this role you completely get lost in it as if you were watching the real thing.  This is true in both movies.  And while this period is not my first love in historical epics, these two movies are very good and very potentially in line to become part of my collection.


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