Apr · 25 · 2008

I can't remember now who told me they thought I'd like this movie.  Prior to that time, I thought I'd heard of it but it never struck my fancy.  I was wrong.

You know, sometimes you watch a movie just because of who's in it.  Other times you don't because of who's in it.  While I feel some of the movies he's starred in fall way below the calibur of where he belongs, I believe Tom Hanks is one of the most brilliant actors of my generation.  And while this young man seems to get some very good roles in excellent movies, I feel Leonardo DiCaprio still has some growing to do in his craft.  Although I do admit his performance in What's Eating Gilbert Grape was nothing short of stellar.  You may have guessed by now this movie stars both of these actors.  Surprisingly, young Leonardo has the male lead in this film over Tom.

This is based on fact.  How loosely I don't know, but the guy it's about is real, and some if not all of his escapades are real also.  It's about a young man, a teenager, who discovers in himself a brilliant identity thief.  It's quite possible in fact that he was the first to do so.  And he was very good at it, assuming the identity of an airline pilot among other things.  It's really a fascinating story.  Mr. Hanks plays the FBI or CIA (or one of those agencies) lead investigator to find and capture this lad.  I won't ruin it for you but I will say it's a good story and an entertaining movie.  And both actors played their parts very well!  Yes Leonardo, you did a good job in this one  🙂

Rent it. 

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