I generally like westerns, especially those that are supposedly based on historical fact.  This movie sounded good on the outside but was a disappointment to me.

I'm not sure of any historical accuracy in this film.  Of course the people were real, did exist, as did the Wild Bunch, but I personally don't know a lot more than that, so I can't comment on this movie from that perspective.  What I will say is that the acting seemed almost phoney at times.  It seemed as though they just couldn't take the roles seriously.  Now perhaps Butch and Sundance were a couple of characters more interested in having fun than being outlaws, and there's a way to portray that and be believable.  This portrayal missed the mark in my opinion.  It just seemed as though the actors weren't serious about making a good movie, somehow.  It would be a good watch on the Sunday afternoon matinee on tv during a rainy day but that's about it.


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