Apr · 27 · 2008

Third in a series, Matt Damon returns to play Jason Bourne.

This movie is the stereotypical guy movie.  It has car chases, crashes, foot chases, head bashing, explosions, and many spy movie elements.  There's even a minor love interest side plot for the girls but it's not very strong.  In this episode Jason Bourne discovers how it all started for him.  Although I believe it's left open for yet another instalment, leading to the potential of a James Bond series of films with the notable difference of the emphasis being on simple brute force instead of the Bond ingenuity and debonair.

I suppose I would compare this to Mission Impossible except not nearly as interesting.  Compared to the first movie, The Bourne Identity, this one takes itself too seriously, it's too over the top, cramming entirely too much car chase action scenes into a very small space of time.  The focus on action detracts from the story line which isn't very unique anyway.  Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a good action movie, but this one barely held my attention.  It's no Indiana Jones movie to be certain.

When it comes to cable, it's worth a watch if you have nothing else to do.

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