Feb · 01 · 2010

At some point in the future helium-3 is discovered on the moon in massive quantities along with a method of mining it and shipping back to earth that eliminates all worries of power generation and consumption on the planet.  The technology allows for an entire mining facility to be operated by a single man on a 3 year contract and a computer.

To say any more would ruin what ends up being a very interesting twist in this movie.

Sam Rockwell, perhaps best recognized for his role as Wild Bill in The Green Mile, is fantastic as the sole man in this mining operation.  The voice of the computer is none other than Kevin Spacey.  The cinematography is very reminiscent of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001, and that is in fact a great compliment.  This is not just another cheesy sci-fi flick.  The plot is great and deals with a contemporary “issue”, the acting is great, everything in fact is done very well.

There’s not much in the way of action and explosions.  It’s more of a mind thing, somewhat like 2001 but not quite to that degree.  If you like these types of movies this should be a must see.

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