May · 21 · 2009

I can remember when the Zodiac killer was doing his thing but was a little young to probably fully comprehend it so this was a good history lesson.

I had seen trailers for this and remember being mildly interested but it didn’t stick with me.  Yet having a free rental coupon to use I spotted it while browsing the racks and decided to watch it.  I’m not a huge fan of slasher flicks and had hoped that this movie about a true psycho mass murderer wouldn’t end up in that genre.  It doesn’t.

Jake Gyllenhaal stars as the news paper comic strip artist turned detective who actually does a better job than the multiple police agencies at tying all the loose ends together to practically solve the mystery.  It seemed like odd casting to me at first but he did a very good job with the role.  Among the supporting cast is Anthony Edwards of TV’s ER fame, and Robert Downey Jr. who I am not particularly fond of but is very good in his role as the news paper crime reporter.

This is a solid movie and claims to be based on fact and as such was indeed a good history lesson.  Well worth watching.


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