May · 20 · 2009

For me, this was a pleasant surprise.

A friend recommended this one.  I didn’t recall ever hearing about it but I did recognize the jacket.  I remember looking at it a few times while browsing in the store and getting the impression it was another Iraq war movie.  Personally, I do support our troops VERY much and respect and am deeply grateful for their sacrifice, but with all of the news agencies groping over the story for so long, the topic is worn out for me and I don’t care to seek entertainment on it.

This movie is NOT about the “war” in Iraq.  Yes, it deals with terrorism, insurgents, and the like.  I suppose these days it’s difficult to have a film set in modern day Saudi Arabia and not involve some of these elements, but the real story is in the underlying political garbage that got us where we are, and the current state of foreign affairs that interferes when a private yet Saudi government protected camp for employees of a U.S. oil company is attacked, and the FBI attempts to solve the crime.

Starring Jamie Foxx, Chris Cooper, Jennifer Garner and Jason Bateman, this movie is engaging and fast paced especially towards the end.  It made me wonder “do these people really go through this sort of thing?”.  Not a movie to watch with the kids, but if you like crime/mystery type films you should absolutely watch it.

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