Sep · 16 · 2007

More behind the scenes …

Well, I know you're reaching this "new" site now because I forced the issue by killing the old one-lol.  I've heard very little about the new "creepy" design though.  Have an opinion?  Take the poll!  It's anonymous, so I won't know it's you saying you don't like it as well-lol.

Anyway, I just wanted to mention that if you take the time to become a member/user, you'll get a few extras out of your visits here.  No, not cash.  I'd love to but I don't have enough to spread around at the moment.  No, for the moment anyway, I'm putting together a links page.  Right now it has mostly tech links on it, for computer related things.  In fact, mostly windows freeware that I've discovered and love over the years.  However I'll be adding some really cool Mac apps as well since I'm "converting"  Cool.  There will be more than just tech links in the future and as a member, YOU (yes.. YOU!) can even suggest links to some swell sites you like for addition to this list!  One note though, it's changing it's look daily until I figure out how to get what I want out of it.

Also, there are links for RSS feeds available to members as well.  If you don't know what that is try a Google search.  It's really something only us news junkies clamour about.

If you're a budding novelist as I am you might be able to contribute articles to this cutting-edge, Internet masterpiece.

Yeah, well, it's not a lot, but it's a start.  If you're a former fan of my very first site ever, The Breakfast Bar (R.I.P.), you may eventually find a few of the same morsels here from that site.  So think about it.  Besides, it costs nothing so what do you have to lose?

Okay, on to something more news worthy…

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