Apr · 26 · 2008

A south of the border murder mystery.

Staring Jennifer Lopez, and if you don't blink you'll see Martin Sheen very briefly.

The story line, about a young Mexican girl working in a sweat house American factory, is raped and killed going home late after work, is not only a good story, but since it's based on truth it's a story that needed to be told.  Exposing the nasty underbelly of this "industrial revolution" taking place just across the border.  Don't be surprised if Made in Mexico ultimately ends up on a boycott list for many of the same reasons China is.

This important story unfortunately gets watered down in the process.  Gregory Nava is a well known and celebrated director but I can't help but feel the directing on this film is what it suffers from.  While Jennifer Lopez isn't one of the top tier actresses in Hollywood, she can do better than this as seen in the movie The Cell.  But the biggest evidence pointing to poor direction is movie veteran Martin Sheen's uninspiring performance.

I won't begin to attempt a discussion on the "illegal alien" slash "open border" debate here, however I got the distinct impression that a large part of this film's purpose is to play on the emotions towards turning a blind eye to the border issues on the southern edge of the US.  It might be telling to learn which political group financed this.

Wait for cable. 

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